U.S. Government Publishing Office

Using the Payment Processing
Cover Sheet

Using the GPO barcode cover sheet and faxing your invoice to GPO is the fastest and safest method of getting paid. Your voucher goes directly into the electronic database of vouchers and is scheduled for payment. Your voucher will never be lost in the mail again!
In order for the system to process your faxed invoices, it is imperative that each invoice be in the following order:
  1. Bar Code Cover Sheet
  2. Invoice
  3. Copy of any modifications issued
  4. Applicable ordering document (Print Order, Work Order, or Purchase Order)
  5. Proof of Delivery
If the invoice is not in this exact order, it will decrease the probability of prompt payment. It will have to be handled manually and possibly delay your payment.

Each invoice submitted to GPO for payment must be for only one job and it must contain a copy of the purchase order/print order/work order and proof of delivery. If a delivery receipt contains proof of delivery for more than one job, the receipt must be duplicated and a copy submitted with each invoice. This is critically important when submitting invoices for one time bid purchase orders that include multiple strapped jackets. An invoice must be created for each individual jacket.

Bar code cover sheets can be created from two sources:

1) On the Internet go to:
http://winapps.access.gpo.gov/fms/vouchers/barcode/ and complete the bar code cover sheet according to the instructions below. The web page works with any personal computer supporting Adobe Acrobat.

2) Download the bar code cover sheet program zip file (requires Winzip) from the web site: http://winapps.access.gpo.gov/fms/vouchers/barcode/software/GPOCS_25A.ZIP and save it to a directory on your local or network hard drive (Example: C:\Program Files).

Once downloaded to your PC, unzip the files, using WINZIP, to a local or network hard drive. Run the setup.exe file that was extracted. After program installation, click on the START - PROGRAMS - GPO Barcode Coversheet - GPO Barcode Coversheet . This program requires a personal computer running Windows 98, NT, 2000 or XP. Once installed the stand-alone program creates the cover sheet faster than the web page.

After you create the bar code cover sheet and put it together with your invoice in the proper order, fax it to (202) 512-1851. You can fax several invoices together as long as each invoice is put in the proper order with the bar code cover sheet separating each invoice.


The following instructions are to assist you in completing the cover sheet that is required for each printing and binding invoice submitted to the Government Publishing Office (GPO) for payment.

Example of Stand-Alone Bar Code Cover Sheet Program

1) The form has the following fields:

Vendor Name: (Enter your company name in capital letters - mandatory field)
Invoice Number: (Enter your invoice number - mandatory field)
Purchase Order Number: (Enter the five-digit GPO purchase order number - mandatory field)
Jacket Number: (Enter the six-digit GPO jacket number - mandatory field)
Print/Work Order Number: (Enter the five-digit print order or work order number or 00000 if there is none - mandatory field)
Terms: (Enter the prompt payment discount terms if one is offered or 00.000 if none. Example: 2% would be entered as 02.000)
Days: (Enter the number of days for the prompt payment discount or leave blank if none)
Printing Invoice Type: (Leave this alone, it should read ‘Printing Invoice’)

2) Once you have entered the data on the form, click on the submit button.

3) In the stand-alone program this will create a bar code cover sheet, in a separate window, that you can print by clicking on the print button directly above the form. After printing the cover sheet you can close the window. On the web page the cover sheet is created in the same browser window.

4) In the stand-alone program, to go back to the entry form, select the entry form window. On the web page, click on the ‘Back‘ button in your browser.

5) In the stand-alone program to create additional bar code cover sheets, change the fields on the form and click on the submit button at the bottom of the form. This will create a new cover sheet for each invoice entered. If you want to clear the form and start over, click on the Clear button at the bottom and begin entering new data. On the web page click on the ‘Back‘ button in your browser.

6) To exit the form in the stand-alone program click on the X at the top right hand corner of the window.

7) If you need help with the bar code cover sheet please call (202) 512-0864. If you have questions about the receipt or payment of your invoice please email invoice-inquiry@gpo.gov.

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